Week 66 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
First I will settle the bet between Dad and Aubrey…. Sister Larsen and I are staying here in Kilmarnock!!!! We are SOOO HAPPY!!! Sister Larsen only 6 weeks left so I will “kill” her off! hahaha (she is relieved about that) I only have 12 weeks! So that means I will most likely be here until the end! I am totally fine with that. I love it here!
Not much has happened this week because I have been sick the past few days! It was just a cold but it took so much out of me! I had a bad sore throat and an on and off fever. We were in the flat all day Friday and Saturday and then yesterday we went to church. I felt awful all three hours so we went home for the day. Let me tell you… we were so bored!!!! I can only take so many naps in one day! hahaha but it helped. I feel better. My throat is still a bit dry but it’s fine now.
Rita and Gemma were reactivated yesterday! They are so solid and just LOVE the blessings that living the gospel brings. They are so happy and everyone loves seeing them at church!
Yesterday, we wheeled Granny Hamiliton to church in her wheelchair. She just lives up the road from the church but it has quite a few hills so it was difficult but a lot of fun. She was so happy to be at church! We love her so much.
Sister Larsen and I are a bit bummed that we’re missing the 4th of July but we’re excited we’ll be together for it. We will sing all the patriotic songs, say the pledge to my tiny flag, wear red white and blue, and most likely eat a hot dog. It’ll be so great!
Kilmarnock is doing wonderful. We are struggling a bit to find new investigators to teach. We make appointments with everyone that we meet but then they don’t keep them. It’s a shame! But we are very anxious to continue to work hard and even harder if that’s what it takes. We will do the very best we can do!
A while ago a member asked us to visit her neighbor Veronica. We tried by and she was very kind and said we could come back anytime. Long story short we finally set up a time to see her and she had us over and fed us dinner! She is the kindest woman! She is so humble and loves to serve others. She has faith and believes in God but isn’t to keen on organized religion. We had a great time with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so thankful that we gave her a book we cherished so much. She said she would read it cover to cover during her trip to Ireland! We have another dinner appointment set up with her this week. We really hope that we will be able to teach her!
Over the weekend there was a program on TV called “Meet the Mormons” and it really didn’t do us any favors. It made the sacred things look a bit sketchy. We as missionaries didn’t watch it but the members and President Brown told us about it. President Brown says it may be a good opportunity to answer some questions about our faith and may make people take more notice of us. It’s a bit sickening that Satan is working so hard… but it’s all a part of Heavenly Fathers plan! We will stand strong! I am very proud to be a Mormon.
I hope everyone has a good week!! I love you all so so much!!!
Love Sister Jones

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