Week 67 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
We had a pretty good week!
Wednesday was our p-day and since we emailed on Monday we had a LONG pday! So we went to Troon! There is a bus right outside our flat that took us straight there. It was a bit overcast and windy but it was still fun! Troon is a TINY town right on the coast. It was so beautiful! It was really fun to see the beach! It was pretty cold and the wind didn’t help. But we put our coats on and got ice cream then sat at the beach for a while. We watched little kids swim in the ocean and just couldn’t believe it! It must have been sooooo cold! But hey ho… we had ice cream so we were pretty happy. It started pouring rain right when we left… tender mercy!
On Friday we had some finding time in the morning so we decided to go to Hurlford and Galston; two wee towns outside of Killie. Worst weather ever! It wasn’t THAT cold but it was raining buckets and it was super windy. The wind made the rain misty. Our umbrellas didn’t last very long and we were SOAKED! We couldn’t help but laugh! We found the fun in it and just enjoyed being drenched! However, at one point we rode the bus for a minute and got warm and when we got back outside we froze!! hahahaha my shoes were FILLED with water. Just picture it… two girls walking around, in skirts that are blowing everywhere, and getting wet hahaha! It was great! We were wet most of the day then by dinner time we were able to dry off. It took my shoes a couple of days to dry out. It was pretty fun. Unfortunately not much came from that finding time but we did have a miracle!!
We were out and about from 10 until 1. We had a lunch app with a member in Galston at 1 and just before we tried by a forr investigator and found out that he doesn’t live there anymore. But the person who lives there now knows where he moved to. So ten minutes before our lunch app (going inside a dry warm house) we went to the address and met his girlfriend. We talked with her for a few minutes and she is interested in learning! So we’re going back this week! Good things come from walking around in the rain šŸ™‚
Evelyn is having a really hard time right now. She is struggling with depression and she is having a hard time finding comfort. The Elders and our ward mission leader gave her a blessing before church started. It helped her feel a wee bit hopeful. We KNOW she will get there!! She is still smoking and President has advised that we not give her a baptismal date until she is totally off all nicotine. Sister Larsen and I love her so much and we see the great potential she has. She can do it! The members are so supportive of her and are willing to help her with anything. She is still strong and still loves the gospel!
The Book of Mormon can heal us. It has the power to do that. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the simple things that our Heavenly Father has commandedus to do. They all have to do with Him but they are for our benefit. We must continue to prey, read the Book of Mormon, attend church… the list goes on. We can gain so much strength from these simple things. I know we can.
We have a couple of conferences this transfer which I am excited about. I love the training that my leaders give. Especially training from President Brown. An area authority is coming soon! I don’t remember his name but I will keep you posted on that.
Sister Larsen and I are already making plans for get togethers we are going to have! She wants me to come to Colorado in November… I hope that’s ok šŸ™‚
I love you all so very much!!!
Love Sister Jones

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