Week 69 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
I’m glad to hear you are all doing well!
We had another long week of finding. Our teaching pool is a bit empty and we are trying to find those who are prepared. We aren’t working with as many less actives anymore because most of the ones we were visting every week weren’t making any progress and aren’t planning on coming back to church anytime soon. So instead of visiting them every week were just going to visit them once or twice a month and spend the extra time finding people to teach. We’re also trying by other less actives in the ward that we haven’t met to see if they are interested in having us over for lessons and coming back to church. Everyone that we try by, whether they be less actives or potentials, we chap 5 a side. Which means every door we try by we chap the 5 doors on either side of it. It acutally works! We have been able to set up a couple of return appointments. (Sometimes they end up not working out… like Adam… he canceled… but sometimes they do!) I forgot how much I enjoy chapping. We have some really great conversations with people. Unfortunately though, we are discovering that the majority of people don’t even believe in God! It’s a really sad thing. But we have to find those who are prepared somehow! It’s never fun to get rejected but I know that I am still successful when I’ve given them the opportunity. We met a woman last night who told us we worshiped Joseph Smith. We took the time to correct her and explain that that is not the case. Times like that make our stomach drop but at least she knows the truth now. “And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Chirst.” (2 Nephi 25:26) Not Joseph Smith!
I’m sorry to say I have some bad news…. Evelyn dropped us. We still have no idea what happened or why but she has been a bit off the map the past couple of weeks. She has been canceling appointments and hasn’t been reading the Book of Mormon or praying. She has also been a little off towards us. We finally saw her the other day on the bus. She barely looked at us and when I asked what she would like us to do she said to just “leave it for now.” We were totally heart borken. Then when she didn’t come to church on Sunday everyone asked about her. She is really loved by the members so they are taking her into their hands and are going to try and contact her. We love her so much and want the very best for her. But we really have done everything that we possibly can. We are still praying for her and we know she will be back one day. There is no way she can deny her testimony.
I can tell that I have really grown on my mission when it comes to rejection. At the start I took it really personally and it was really hard for me to get through. I always felt discouraged and faithless. Now that I’ve had a little bit of experience I have realized that agency is one of the greatest gifts we have been given and I am so grateful that every one of Heavenly Father’s children has been blessed with it. Not everyone wants to listen to us. That is ok. As long as I do the very best that I can and offer them the opportunity to come unto our Savior and Redeemer, I can go to bed at night, exhausted, and know that I have been successful. It’s hard work but it is so worth it. Someone has to plant the seeds right?? We are striving to be obedient and we are doing all that we can to find more people to teach.
Some good news! Veronica became a new investigator! I really don’t remember if I have ever mentioned her before. If I haven’t I’ll just briefly explain. She was a referral from Sister Reilly in the ward (next door neighbor) We have visited her a few times and even had dinner with her. She is such a kind woman! She loves to serve others and she believes in God and Jesus Christ. We asked her if she would like to take the lessons and she agreed. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she started reading it straight away and ever since has been able to sleep better at night! (So cool) We haven’t taught the Restoration yet but we watched the Book of Mormon DVD with her and she felt the spirit so strong. She cried as she read Moroni 10:3-5. She told us that she wants to improve her life and be more like Chirst. We love teaching her! She accepted the invitation to come to church but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling too well and couldn’t make it.
We had a really great Scotland West conference! We traveled to Glasgow and it was a combo of the Glasgow Zone and Paisley Zone. Our new member of the area presidency came with his wife. Elder and Sister Dyches. He was the Portland Oregon mission a few years back so they had really wonderful adivse for all us missionaries! Their training was all about being the best we can be and continuing to be diligent in all that we do. How to work better with the members and how to gain more spiritually. I really enjoy meetings like those!
Sister Larsen and I are still doing really great! Sister Larsen got a wee bit of a cold but I don’t think it will last very long. She got her travel plans today! AH! She won’t stop shaking! She only has about 3 weeks left. Goodness missions go by really quick!
I love you all so much!!
Love Sister Jones

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