Week 71 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Friends and Family,
We had a pretty good week this week!
It started off well with a trip to Culzean Castle! It sits right on the coast and it is absolutely stunning! The weather was perfect so that helped too. The McAteer family in our ward took us in their car with their little girl named Alix (10) and Dave and Ruth took the Elders in their car. The McAteer’s provided the means and made it a really great experience. We went on a tour in the castle which was very interesting but a wee bit hard to understand and keep up with… but it was still really cool. The grounds of the castle were so pretty!!
The end of the week was a bit rubbish though becuase I got sick…. again! But this time it was the stomach flu! Humph. I’m all better now but it was NOT fun! I woke about 3 am Friday morning with horibble stomach cramps and then spent the rest of the moring on my bathroom floor. I had truned off my alarm clock because I knew I wouldn’t be going out that day so I didn’t bother waking up on time. Which meant Sister Larsen woke up late haha oops. I layed back in my bed around 7 am and that’s when SIs L woke up and was upset that she slept in. I told her I was super sick and not to worry about it. So she did the normal routine while I stayed in bed, and in the bathroom, ALLLL DAY! Not fun. Sister Larsen called Sister Brown and told her we were staying in and then called Sister McAteer and asked her to bring me some medicine and 7up. She came over a couple of hours later with a whole bag full of different medicinces, 2 liters of 7 up, plain crackers and bread, a box of Winnie the Pooh character tissue box to make me smile, chocolate for when I felt better, and a mini catus in a colorful pot with an umbrella sticking out of it. SO SWEET!! She is so so good to us! She gave me a big mom hug and gave me some advice on how to recover. That night Matthew (WML) and Keir-nan came over and Matthew gave me a blessing. I felt much better after that. They were only there for like two seconds because they were scared of getting sick haha.
Saturday I felt a wee bit better but I was really exhausted and dehydrated and still had a fever. I had a really high fever the whole time and it was dreadful. I kept a cool wash cloth around my neck for two days! I also had terrible back pain (probably from the bathroom floor) Poor Sis L was so bored! On Friday she packed!! She is now living out of her suitcase haha. Then on Saturday I called the zone leaders and asked them for the “Sanity Pack” which is a bag full of movies for sick missionaries so that they don’t go insane! It worked! So Sister Larsen and I layed in our beds and watched movies. One being “The Other Side of Heaven.” Good fun. I am just so glad I am better now!!!! Since yesterday was fast Sunday I didn’t really have proper food until Sunday night at a member’s home. But I’m totally fine now!! NO more getting sick Sister Jones!!! Believe me I’ve already told myself that hahaha
Earlier this week we were able to see Evelyn. She is really struggling right now and is in a bit of a dark place. Her depression has hit her really hard. But we had a good visit with her and she has agreed to have us over once a week and read the Book of Mormon with her. We are so grateful that we can start seeing her again! We love her so much and want to do everything we can to help her. By the end of our visit she already looked a bit better. I know that the spirit she feels when we are in her home helps her feel better. We are going to help her start reading the Book of Mormon and praying again. The members really love her too and want to help her come back to the church. Keep her in your prayers! I know the Lord will heal her.
We still haven’t been able to teach Veronica! She goes out of town quite a bit.
Sister Larsen is going home next week and I am really sad about it 😦 But I am very happy for her and I’m excited to see what lies ahead! I will find out on Sunday who my next (and last) companion will be! I can’t wait to tell you the news next week.
We had a really great companionship study this morning about the Atonement. (We prepared a lesson for a young man we are trying to help come back to church and we have been focusing on the Plan of Salvation. Tonight we are going to speak more about the Atonement.) So we exounded on it a little for more study. We read from the scriptures and PMG and had some new insights on it. Sister Larsen pointed out that in order to “use” the Atonement, we need to partake of the Sacrament. It’s not just kneeling beside your bed and repenting. The Sacrament is part of repentance and is was cleanses us. When we look to our Savior and remember Him we are filled with His spirit and can become clean. I love going to church and partaking of the Sacrament. It really helps me feel closer to our Redeemer. For it is only through Him that we may be forgiven and have Eternal Life with our Father in Heaven.
I am so grateful for the Atonement. I am grateful for Jesus Christ. He has done so much for us. I know that He lives.
I love you all! SO MUCH! I hope you all have a good week at work and with all your other tasks. Keep working hard and do not give up!
Love Sister Jones

One Response to “Week 71 Scotland”

  1. Gene Till August 30, 2014 at 3:53 pm #

    What in the heck is going on… 28 days until your return floors me… we just told you goodbye. Diane and I are still at the MTC and some of the missionaries we taught are home and married… blows me away. We are excited to see you and hear about your experiences. Thanks for being such a super servant.. Sure do love you… Gene

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