Week 73 Scotland

23 Sep
Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been so great!! My new companion is Sister Molly Kay Smith!! She is so fantastic and I love her so much! She has been out for four and a half months. She just came from Letterkenny Northern Ireland. She is from Gilbert Arizona. She is 20, a licensed cosmetologist, and has a man (engaged)… basically she has life figured out! She is so cool. We get along so great. We are very similar and she reminds me a lot of Heather and Aubrey (it must be a hairdresser thing)
The ward has been so great welcoming her in with open arms. She was really nervous to meet everyone at church but it went great! She is picking up the names really well. She has already taught me so much. I know this is where I need to be and who I need to be with!
We have worked really hard this week. We didn’t have many appointments and we weren’t able to see our investigators… but we were able to meet some really prepared people! I won’t tell you who they are because I don’t want to jinx it.
The weather has been so rubbish! SOOOOO WET! All of my shoes have holes now so whatever shoes I have on my feet have their very own swimming pool! hahah I think I might have to buy some wellies for the next wee while. Sister Smith and I have gotten really soaked but we just laugh and stay positive about it.
Elder Wu’s new companion is Elder Allen. All four of us sang in Sacrament meeting yesterday! We sang “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” It went well and the spirit was very strong. The members love it when we sing!
Saying goodbye to Sister Larsen was soooo hard! Rita picked us up Tuesday morning at 5am! We had to be on a train at half 5. So then we traveled to Glasgow and said our goodbyes. I cried. Not fun. Then I got together with Sister Montgomery and we traveled back to her area in Ayr. Then I spent the whole day with her in Ayr. Worst rain ever! I had to wear her waterproof boots and put one of her coats over mine haha. Good fun. I spent the night in Ayr and then Wednesday morning we traveled to Glasgow again and met up with Sister Brand. Then the 3 of us spent a good 6 hours in Glasgow! It was fun. We went out to dinner and did some shopping. It felt a little strange…. then around half 8 we went to the bus station and met our new companions!! It was so good to finally meet Sister Smith!
Then the Glasgow zone leaders took Sister Smith and I to the Knightswood sisters flat and we stayed the night with them (Sister Cannon and Sister Giaz) We had a good time with them. Then Thursday morning we finally made it home to Killie! Sister McAteer picked us up from the train station. She is a saint.
Yesterday we went over to the Matthews new home! They are the new family in the ward from the States. We got to know them a bit better and had a good time with them. They have 3 young kids. They are such a cute family. And guess what they had?? Chips and salsa!!!! I almost cried! We sat at the table and just inhaled it all. There is a Costco in Glasgow that they got it from. Cream puffs as well! We were in heaven!!!! I really miss salsa.
So ya that’s mostly what has happened. I am trying to tell Sister Smith everything I know about Killie because it’ll be all her in 5 weeks!
I am so grateful that I am staying here! I love it so much!
I only had an hour today so I’m sorry this is short… I hope you all have a really good week!!
Love Sister Jones

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