Week 74 Scotland

23 Sep
Dear Family and Friends,
Oh boy… only one month left. Where did my mission go?!
Yesterday we had Zone Development. At the end we had a Zone testimony meeting and all of the trainees got up and kept saying “all of you experienced missionaries that have been out forever have made a great impression.” I really felt old hahaha. I am the Paisley Queen! I have been in the Zone the longest. A good 7 months!
The whole day was really great. We traveled to Ayr and ate lunch right away. Then we went out to a park that had a really cool play ground. I’ve never seen so many young adults on a play ground acting like children before hahaha it was so fun!!! Then we played some sports. Well… I watched hahaha! It was a really beautiful day. The sun was shining and it wasn’t cold. It was really windy though.
Then we went back to the church and played some more games. It was a good day to relax and unwind. All of the missionaries in the Paisley Zone are really really great! We all got to know each other better and gained friendships. The testimony meeting was especially great. The spirit was tangible!! It felt like EFY. So good.
This Thursday is Zone Interview Training. That’ll be my last interview with President before my exit interview! All of my “lasts” are starting to come forth… oh boy.
We also have Zone Meeting next Tuesday and our Stake Conference is two weeks form now. Then we’re going on exchanges the following week. In other words this transfer is going to FLY by!
Sister Smith and I are doing fantastic. We get along so well and we work really well together. She has only been out about 5 months and she is an outstanding missionary! A really great teacher. We are both learning so much from one another. She is also helping me not be so nervous about going home! Well I’m more anxious than nervous. I’ve been clearing out my things and giving her loads of stuff! haha.
The poor thing got the stomach flu on Saturday! AH! That bug has been circling Killie. Thankfully I already had it. We went to Dave and Ruth’s Saturday night and Ruth could tell that Sister Smith wasn’t feeling well so she told us to go home and rest haha. So they drove us home. She is a good mom with spot on instincts. Sister Smith was still pretty ill on Sunday so we only went to Sacrament meeting. That felt a little strange but you gotta do what you gotta do! I made her go back to bed when we got home because she just wasn’t herself yet. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap as well! It really is amazing how tired missionaries get haha. She’s all better now though!! Thank goodness for that!
This past week was pretty good. We weren’t able to see our investigators but we moved right along and kept working anyway. We helped a woman in the ward move to a new house! Sister Smith and I helped her get her living room in place. Obviously I was in heaven. We were also able to visit some less actives and we had really good lessons with them.
About a month ago Sister Larsen and I met a woman on the street and we had a really great talk with her about the Plan of Salvation. She told us about some concerns that she had and we were able to answer her questions. The spirit was very strong and we left her with a leaflet to look over. She told us to try by once school started again. So now that school is back in session, Sister Smith and I went by to see her. She was happy to see us and told us what she learned from the leaflet. She had a couple of questions about it. She really liked the idea that we RETURN to Heavenly Father. She was still unsure about what was really true though. We did all that we could possibly do to persuade her to take the lessons. She said “no not just now” but we left her a Book of Mormon. We invited her to read and pray to know if it is the word of God. We promised her that she will come to know the truth. She seemed very much on the fence. She just needs a little help finding out. She told us more about her family life and the struggles that she has had. We were able to testify to her that the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes all the unfair things about life seem right and we can be relieved of the burdens that we feel. It was a touching experience and we could really feel the spirit working through us. I could see in her eyes that she is prepared and ready to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior. I know she is a daughter of God and is thirsty for His love. I have no idea what will happen. We don’t even have a return appointment. But we will try back again soon. We will offer to read the Book of Mormon with her and answer her questions. I hope and pray that we will be able to teach her. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. I have seen it bless so many lives. Even my own.
I am so grateful to be here! Only 4 weeks left. I doing my very best to work as hard as I can while I have the time. Sprinting to the end! Then when I’m home I’ll go out teaching with the missionaries all the time and cry because I can’t wear my badge haha. I love this work!!!!!
I love you all so much!! I hope you all have a good week! Please be safe in all that you do!
Love Sister Jones
Ps. I had a dream last night that no one was at the airport when I got there so I took a taxi home hahahaha!! That better not happen!!!

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