Week 76 Scotland

23 Sep
Dear Family and Friends,
Sister Smith and I can’t seem to agree but to me this past week was soooo long! It was a bit of a blur and it went by quick but it seemed to be never ending. We had a good week though!
Last Monday night we had dinner with the Matthews. They made us… wait for it…. Cafe Rio burritos!! Oh ya! It was sooo good to have Mexican food again. They are so good to us. Last night they gave us our own bottle of salsa. So good. Leah has a blog! She wanted me to share it with all of you. It’s all about their new adventure here in Scotland. They are such a sweet family! www.jladventurers.blogspot.com
This past weekend was Stake Conference. We went with Matthew and Keir-nan Saturday night. It was all about Hastening the Work of Salvation. My favorite. The speakers did really well! Then on Sunday we went with Gemma. The Sunday session was really great as well.
Since President Brown was at the conference he mentioned it in his email. This is what he said about it. His words are much better than mine.
“It was a glorious weekend not only in the wonderful sunshine which continues to shine upon Scotland (haven’t been in Ireland this week??), but there was a great outpouring of the spirit at the Paisley Stake Conference. Sister Brown and I were privileged to attend the Saturday evening and Sunday sessions and enjoyed a very uplifting time with the saints there. President Yates gave a wonderful message on forgiveness and reconciliation which caused me some serious reflection on how blessed my life has been as others have been kind and forgiving to me when I have made mistakes or wrong choices. Of course the natural thought process from there is to remember how merciful the Lord has been as I have received the forgiveness of heaven, too, and given the great blessing of serving amongst you in spite of my weaknesses.The visiting authority at conference, Elder Christian Fingerle, gave a wonderful presentation on Saturday about sharing the gospel in easy ways by simply inviting lots of people to special events. Things like a baptism of your child or grandchild, or to support you when you have a talk to give or when you are singing in the ward or stake choir or there’s an activity – anything that is a little different. Then on Sunday he taught us to be prepared not only in temporal matters but in spiritual things and especially in family unity and love. Close family relationships will be of great importance to us in times of distress and will be just as crucial to our survival as will having a store of food and clothing.  Included in his remarks was the parable of the Prodigal son and the reconciliation of that family. He shared stories of his own family history and heritage including some things he learned about his grandfather who was killed in action in Berlin in the closing days of the Second World War. The things he shared would not have come to light if the family had not been engaged in family history and sharing of information and photographs. Although he did not mention this directly, the spirit spoke to me of the need to follow the brethren in preparedness and in the work of salvation.” -President Brown.
Elder Fingerle’s talk about sharing the gospel in easy ways made me really motivated to share the gospel with all of my non-member friends. The spirit was very strong in both meetings. I love Stake Conference!
We finally got in contact with Evelyn! We saw her on the bus. We haven’t seen her in weeks! I asked her if I could come and say goodbye so we are going to see her on Friday. She has been hit really hard with damaging mental health problems and unfortunately she has put off the gospel completely. It’s really sad to see but I still have so much hope for her. I love her so much and I want the very best for her. Hopefully our wee meeting on Friday will go well.
It’s a bit surreal… I only have two weeks left. I keep going back and forth with emotions. I’m not that nervous but every so often I get an overwhelming feeling that just shoots through my body. I really love being a missionary and I know it is going to be really hard for all of that to come to a sudden stop. I love serving the Lord.
I’m trying my very best to sprint to the end! My mission has blessed me a great deal. I have learned so much.
I know Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. He can heal us and help us through any trial or achievement. He is our Redeemer.
I hope everyone has many missionary opportunities this week! Pray for them and search for them. Heavenly Father WILL provide you with opportunities to share what we treasure most with those we meet. This is Salvation.
I love you all so much!!!! Have a good week!
Love Sister Jones
P.S. The library will be closed on the 22nd (my last Monday and on Tuesday I will be in Edinburgh) which means we won’t be able to email.
So that means that next Monday will be my last email!!!

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